A Frustrating Start to Cannabis Law This Year

Well, the last 2 weeks has capped a frustrating start for 2019, at least for those who want to see recreational cannabis use on a national scale. 

Not enough votes to pass recreational use in New Jersey…yet

A bill to legalize recreational use was pulled this week because the votes weren’t there. NJ Governor Phil Murphy has vowed that he is not yet done with recreational legalization and will try again when the votes are present. Hopefully, he says, by May, 2019.

Uncoupling recreational use bill in New York

In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo likewise announced the de-coupling of his recreational use bill from the NY budget bill. Anticipated passage of the budget bill was April 1. So, hope sprung that recreational cannabis use would also pass by April 1.  Things can always change at the last minute, but with the announced separation, Governor Cuomo now hopes to pass a NY recreational use bill by summer.

Setback in New Mexico

Despite some initial positive news in my last update, New Mexico rejected recreational use for this year.

A look at more Cannabis News news items from the last 2 weeks:

Canada, which conducts a National Cannabis Survey every 3 months, has noted that even after implementing legal recreational use in October, 2018, over 50% of cannabis users still consume cannabis for medical purposes.  See the article from Motley Fool here

The Associated Press reports that the fastest growing segment of cannabis users are 60 years or older (and they vote!)

Why more Seniors are turning to pot

Aging baby boomer use is mostly intended to ease the aches and pains of growing old. Read the Post article here

After implementation of recreational use in Massachusetts in November 2018, central Massachusetts, long home to shuttered factories and derelict work sites, is experiencing an economic revival. See the Milford Daily News article here (you may have to answer a survey question to open)

Tax collections in Massachusetts have been disappointing.

though some blame low tax collections on the Commonwealth’s longer than anticipated delays in granting licenses. See the Boston Globe article here

Short-Takes-Corgi Mascot Cannabis News

Short takes in Cannabis Law:

  • Curaleaf inked a deal with CVS for distribution of CBD in 800 CVS stores in 8 states. The anticipation is that ultimately Curaleaf CBD will flow into many more of the pharmacy’s almost 10,000 outlets across the USA.
  • Rhode Island hired former Colorado cannabis czar, Andrew Freedman, in a signal that a push for recreational use in that state may be in the works.
  • The Connecticut General Law  Committee reported out a recreational use bill for the entire state legislature (House and Senate) to consider, with social equity components consuming most of the debate.
  • Folks are holding their breath as the U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Committee introduces new banking legislation. A draft of what is being called The Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act is on the table and is now scheduled for review next week. More on this when progress occurs.    
  • Cannabis Jobs:  We saw an interesting job opening on Zip Recruiter which went up just yesterday. Know any candidates?  

Click this link to see the cannabis job postings

Till next time!!

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