Avoiding legal quicksand

Business growth thrives when expert advisors fill in the gaps in knowledge and expertise that give your business a solid legal foundation. They are the ones who protect and defend you from the legal quicksand that can often overwhelm business owners. Working with a closely-knit legal team who have expertise in the practice areas businesses most often need gives them counsel that puts the odds in their favor.

We know what can happen.

Anticipating the worst case scenario and preparing for contingencies is your strongest defense against painful future litigation. Should a conflict arise, you will have a rational, tenacious, fearless champion on your side.

“New Level, New Devil”

As a business grows, so does the complexity of their deals and agreements. We see deals as done, then put in place the legal language that supports our clients’ interests. As skilled negotiators, Wasser and Russ bring an empathetic, meticulous, collaborative attitude to the table with every corporate transaction.

With Wasser & Russ, you will have an ally you can grow with as your business evolves. Our practice areas cover the full spectrum of the legal needs of business owners from startups to multi-level corporations.

Our deep connections with talent and intelligence in niche professions connects our clients to a network of expanded services.

We invite you to take a closer look at where we do our best work.

Doug understands client requirements, the real estate purchase and sale process, the new home market, the resale home market, and the oddities and details of law gleaned from three decades in the profession. He has the unerring ability to pull out the key elements from a tangle of conflicting desires, rules and regulations. Steve G., Business Consultant

Adam is a rare combination of tenacity and empathy. He is able to zealously represent his client’s interests while still being open to joint problem-solving. Adam is a great lawyer and a terrific person as well.” Sean O., CEO

Adam is the consummate professional and handles every client and case with the utmost competence and expertise. I endorse him fully and hold him in the highest regard. Michael J, Personal injury Attorney

Let us tackle your most challenging legal issues.

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