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Your sometimes frenzied work environment may involve customers, clients, contract counterparties, partners, lenders, boards of directors and C-Suite executives among others. That’s when you need your lawyer to have your back.

At Wasser | Russ, your business attorneys will be forceful but responsive, committed to you but sober and objective, aggressive but empathic, creative but skilled, and supportive but not overstepping.

That is the commitment the skilled partners and senior attorneys at Wasser | Russ make to you. You, your business and your company deserve no less.

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New York Business Attorneys

NY Business Attorneys Corporate-Transactions-Wasser-Russ

Corporate Transactions

Wasser | Russ attorneys recognize that success in business favors the bold and courageous, and on having an accomplished and experienced support team in place. It takes more than dreams to cross the finish line. You need business attorneys who understand your company’s goals and commit to adopting them as their own. That is the Wasser | Russ pledge to your business.

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NY Business Attorneys Commercial-Litigation-Attorneys Wasser-Russ Courthouse

Commercial Litigation

Most people are loath to become entangled in a lawsuit because going to court is a lengthy, expensive and emotionally draining process. But when litigation becomes the only recourse, we forcefully prosecute your claims and defenses. We team up with our clients as tenacious allies and fearlessly pursue their objectives.

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Real-Estate Law Attorney Wasser Russ NY

Real Estate Law

Real estate is a dynamic and complex business requiring sophistication tempered by common sense and practical ability to pierce through the static to “get the deal done.” Wasser | Russ goes beyond writing and reviewing contracts to perform due diligence on the financing, architects, contractors and project managers that support the deal.

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Insurance Law Attorney Wasser Russ NY

Insurance Law

Our experienced attorneys offer a depth of sophisticated insurance experience unusual in a small firm environment. We provide comprehensive counseling, litigation, arbitration and transactional services to insurance companies, reinsurers and general agents and third-party claims administrators.

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Insurance Law Attorney Wasser Russ NY

Art Law

The world of fine art and collectibles is a dynamic and captivating field. But there are traps for the unwary and even good faith participants are vulnerable to the actions of unscrupulous parties. Understanding the nuances of authenticity, ownership and fraud in Art Law allows us to protect the rights of our clients. We work with private clients, auction houses and collectors. Wasser | Russ also provides services to clients with respect to their disposition of artworks, such as private sales and consignments. Discretion and confidentiality for the buyer and seller is always a priority.

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Estate Planning and Litigation

Meticulous estate planning saves families heartaches and reduces the tax burden. Many approach estate planning merely as a way to bequeath their property and, finished with their plans to distribute their money, believe their planning is done. But when a decedent dies, the family is left behind. For sure, money is important, but so too is recognizing longstanding, deeply emotional love and bonds as well as jealousies and envy. Thoughtful estate planning can affirm the love and family ties. Compassion, empathy, insight and experience are key to Wasser | Russ estate planning.

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Adam H. Russ, Partner


Isaac Alony, Associate


Adam is a rare combination of tenacity and empathy. He is able to zealously represent his client’s interests while still being open to joint problem-solving. Adam is a great lawyer and a terrific person as well.” Sean O., CEO

Adam is the consummate professional and handles every client and case with the utmost competence and expertise. I endorse him fully and hold him in the highest regard. Michael J, Personal injury Attorney

I've known Adam for 6 years. He's always been amazingly responsive and his guidance and follow up have been priceless. Dennis, client

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