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Planning for growth in all Corporate Transactions

Manhattan is the nerve center of global business where all participants, large and small, compete to succeed. Wasser | Russ attorneys recognize that success in business favors the bold and courageous, and on having an accomplished and experienced support team in place. 

New level, new devil

With growth comes complexity and the need for seasoned attorneys to guide you through new commitments. You will need a strategy to maximize success while minimizing the obligations of your expanding business.

It takes more than dreams to cross the finish line. You need attorneys who understand your business goals and commit to adopting them as their own. That is the Wasser | Russ pledge to your business.

We guide businesses in New York, across the United States and internationally through all phases of commercial and business transactions, including:

  • Asset sales
  • Stock and equity sales
  • Business formation and sales
  • Partnership, shareholder and operating agreements
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Real estate matters including acquisition and sale, leasing and subleasing
  • Option agreements
  • Litigation and alternative dispute resolution management
  • Corporate governance
  • Not-For-Profit operations and compliance
  • Construction agreements
  • Sports agreements
  • Fine Art sales
  • Medical and health care practice sale agreements
  • Restaurant sales and purchases
  • Family business arrangements
  • Family office transactions
  • Sales of professional practices
  • Financing including secured and unsecured loans
  • Project management agreements
  • Letters of credit and bonds
  • Revenue collection
  • Licensing agreements
  • NDAs (Non-disclosure/confidentiality agreements)
  • Joint Ventures
  • Marketing and distribution agreements
  • Brokerage agreements
  • Agency agreements
  • Employment matters
  • Work-out/debt restructuring
  • and more!

Our clients come from all areas of enterprise including, to name a few:

Real estate, insurance, fine art and collectibles, finance, information technology, manufacturing, retail, trade show, medical, legal, accounting, banking, wholesale, consulting, sports, education, entertainment, sound studio, hospitals, higher education, communication, research & development, waste management, promotion and public relations, garment, restaurant, publishing, construction, hedge funds, transportation and private investigations.

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”

We take this simple adage to heart. Diligence, attention to detail and a defensive approach is the key to successful commercial transactions and the prevention of disputes which may lead to litigation.

We bring the ability and skill in Corporate Business Law to address the most sophisticated, sensitive and pressured corporate transactions within a transparent fee structure.

Adam is sensitive to the client's needs, aggressive when appropriate, responsive, strategic and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with him again in the future. Christopher D, Arbitration Attorney 

Adam and Doug helped me navigate a ground-breaking case in the real estate industry. You will find Adam not just an expert in his field, but 100% dedicated and always available to talk about your case. He is personable and easy going, but don't be fooled...this is one sharp attorney! Marianne, client

Doug understands client requirements, the real estate purchase and sale process, the new home market, the resale home market, and the oddities and details of law gleaned from three decades in the profession. He has the unerring ability to pull out the key elements from a tangle of conflicting desires, rules and regulations. Steve G., Business Consultant

Let us tackle your most challenging Business Law issues.

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