Wasser & Russ Succesfully Defends A Screenwriter

Movie ImageIn a 51 page complaint, a team of film producers sued the Screenwriter  for $5.2 million, claiming the Screenwriter breached his contract by hijacking the project and conspiring to withhold money needed to develop the picture.

The Producers sued the Screenwriter and multiple individuals and businesses in Federal Court under a literary option agreement, which the Producers claimed, granted them  exclusive rights to develop and exploit the screenplay for 18 months.  But, soon after agreements were signed a dispute arose as to production development and financial management.  In addition, the Producers claimed that the Screenwriter willfully, maliciously and vindictively registered certain domain names with the intent to cause irreparable harm to Producers.

The Producers sought $5.2 million in compensatory damages, liquidated damages, injunctive relief, and attorney’s fees, for cybersquatting, copyright infringement, breach of contract and tortious interference.

Wasser & Russ vigorously opposed the Producers’ claims on behalf of the Screenwriter.

Prior to the commencement of formal discovery Wasser & Russ settled the case and the Producers’ claims on terms most favorable to the Screenwriter (i.e., the Screenwriter did not pay the Producers one “red-cent” to settle the case).

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